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Reading: Desegregation in schools – How can it be achieved?


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Desegregation in schools – How can it be achieved?


A. L . T. Notten

About A. L . T.
A.L.T. (Ton) Notten is Professor of Andragology (specializing in adult education, intercultural issues and urban studies) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He combines this appointment with a professorship in urban education and youth policy issues at Rotterdam University. Correspondence to:; Hogeschool Rotterdam, KOS, P.O. Box 25035, 3001 HA Rotterdam.
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Desegregation in schools – How can it be achieved? Desegregation in schools is becoming an important policy issue in the Netherlands. It is a problem that the United States has been grappling with for over 50 years. But how can it be achieved? There appear to be two options: the broad, horizontal community school and the quality?oriented and challenge-oriented magnet school. This paper draws a comparison between the two. Desegregatie in het onderwijs – Hoe krijgen we dat voor elkaar? Het tegengaan van etnische segregatie in het onderwijs krijgt in Nederland steeds meer aandacht. In de VS is dat al vijftig jaar het geval. De vraag is hoe desegregatie te organiseren. In dit artikel wordt een vergelijking gemaakt tussen de brede school en de magneetschool.
How to Cite: Notten, A.L.T., 2009. Desegregation in schools – How can it be achieved?. Journal of Social Intervention: Theory and Practice, 18(4), pp.83–93. DOI:
Published on 08 Dec 2009.
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