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Reading: De wijkmachinerie: repareren of herontwerpen


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De wijkmachinerie: repareren of herontwerpen


Nico de Boer ,

About Nico
Drs. Nico de Boer is policy writer, researcher and advisor on matters of community approach
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Eric Lugtmeijer

About Eric
was advisor for DSP-Group, now manager Strategy and policy for a housing corporation
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The community machinery – repair or reframe Almost every Dutch city works community oriented in one way or another. In the last fifteen years a ‘community machinery’ has been developed. This machinery tends to show some deficits: (1) a not so clear view on citizens, (2) an overestimation of the municipality’s role, (3) a fetishing of the community scale and (4) an inability to tackle the real problems in a community. These deficits can be repaired (1) by acknowledging the variable roles of citizens, (2) by restraining the self estimation, (3) by relativise the community scale and (4) by a better analysis of what the real problems are. These repairs are surely possible, but it may be advisable to reframe the community machinery, using the model of the urban renewal.
How to Cite: de Boer, N. and Lugtmeijer, E., 2009. De wijkmachinerie: repareren of herontwerpen. Journal of Social Intervention: Theory and Practice, 18(1), pp.44–59. DOI:
Published on 16 Feb 2009.
Peer Reviewed


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