Wat kunnen Nederlandse gemeenten leren van de Maori's?



In the Netherlands the government is developing a Social Support Act (Wet maatschappelijke ondersteuning) to encourage people to take responsibility for themselves. In his essay about the importance of this new law, Hortulanus proposes the development of an instrument – context indication – which will provide an overview of the available support in the social context and can help decide which costs will and which costs will not be paid from public resources. In this article Ravelli puts forward the Family Group Conference as a flexible method to indicate the available support in the context of someone who needs help.
  • Year: 2005
  • Volume: 14 Issue: 2
  • Page/Article: 39-43
  • DOI: 10.18352/jsi.38
  • Published on 29 Jun 2005
  • Peer Reviewed